Kevin Durant’s All-Time Team Lacks Tim Duncan


Being over looked by the media and fans is nothing new to the San Antonio Spurs organization.  It has reached the point where the reaction to hearing people call the Spurs boring is the same as hearing the news that the sun will rise in the East and set in the West.

Recently, Oklahoma's Kevin Durant followed the same old storyline and left out one of the Spurs All-Time greats. 

During an appearance on ESPN 2’s SportsNation show, Durant proclaimed Michael Jordan as the “best player to ever touch the floor," which isn’t shocking but Durant went on to name his All-Time starting five.

“My point guard would be Magic, my two would be Michael Jordan, my three would be Larry Bird, four would probably be Hakeem Olajuwon and my five would be Shaq. We got a big team right there.”

Now all five players are once-in-a-generation players, but to leave off Spurs' Tim Duncan is outrageous.

While Shaq may have his rings and dominate the NBA paint when he was on the floor, he isn't at the same level of Duncan.  TD personifies everything an NBA team would want on and off the court. Moreover, he stayed with one team and never had run-ins with players unlike Shaq. 

All Duncan has done is to follow the same path that the other legends did.  He lead his team to multiple titles, a sixteenth season run of making the playoffs and quietly turning the Spurs in to a working blueprint that other teams that starting to copy.

If asked about the omission, I am sure Duncan would respond with his trademark stone faced reaction or simply smile and admit he doesn't care.

So Spurs’ fans, how do you feel bout Duncan being left off of Durant’s All-Time starting five?