Kevin Durant ‘loves everything’ about Tony Parker’s game


via nba

The San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder may be Western Conference rivals but off the court, Kevin Durant has nothing but love for Tony Parker's game.

In an interview with French site RMC Sport, Durant was asked about Parker. Needless to say, Durant had nothing but respect and admiration for No. 9 despite the two team's clashing for the West crown.

I love everything about him as a player. How he plays his games, his serenity, his work. He has a very important place with the Spurs. He is a world class player. He may not get all the recognition he deserves, but that is not important to him. He plays games at a very high level.

Got to love KD's humility and professionalism here.

Here is a rival point guard, who averages 17 points and 5.7 assists for his career versus OKC yet Durant has enough humility to admit TP is one of the best around.

Also, in a tightly contested Western Conference, where every win matters, to heap accolades like this just earned Durant more respect among Spurs fans. 

It is true, TP may not get the recognition he deserves, but he has the rings to prove otherwise and as they say, "game recognizes game."