Keeping Up With the NBA When Backpacking the World

For many young and old people, the thought of traveling around the world to faraway countries and continents is just a dream but for many, it is a reality. It can take years of planning and saving hard-earned money to enjoy the trip of a lifetime. Traveling is not just about seeing new places, often destinations you have never heard of but meeting new friends on your journey. Friends that share the same passion for travel and quite often the same love of sports. From the sun-drenched beaches of Thailand to the Peruvian wonder of Machu Pichu you will always meet a stranger in a hotel or bar that is frantically trying to watch the next NBA game or trying to keep up with the latest scores or team news.

It isn’t always easy to try and ask if the game is being shown when you don’t speak the local language. As universally known basketball is the language barrier can be a problem. And for keen gamblers, this can be even more frustrating as often the WiFi is poor at best or even nonexistent. There is nothing worse than missing out on a good bet and the thrill of watching it win. You may just watch the live scores and miss seeing the physical game but this is possible through sites like Oddspedia who have up to the second score lines and team news. 

Using Social Media for Your NBA News

Social media can be a great source of information when traveling. Twitter and Facebook especially as all the team’s post news actively about team selection, injuries that players have suffered, and during live games a virtual running commentary of the game. With most sports fans having a social media account for personal use it is easy to follow your team and the season’s progress.

Another great aspect of social media and sports is the online community spirit that exists. Fans of your team from all over the world can discuss the performance and results of the team, creating a lot of good-hearted debate and sometimes controversial comments. Often the different views on the team held by other fans can be a bit extreme but that is just passion and sport is all about passion and the desire to win.

Visiting a Sports Bar Maybe the Only Way to Watch the Match 

Sports bars are popular throughout the world and almost any major destination that you may be traveling in will have one showing live games. Soccer, baseball, MMA, and Basketball you name it, sports bars can often have it all. Because basketball is especially loved in the Americas and Asia, ask the bar manager if he or she can search for the game that you want to watch.

Many sports bars in Europe and Asia have extremely long opening hours, if not 24-hour licenses, and will be more than happy to stay open or open early depending on the time zone you are in to accommodate the game. Backpacker hostels and guesthouses usually have a common room with a tv and will be happy to show the game at any hour of the day if the subscription they have for the cable or satellite tv they have is showing the game.

Streaming may be the Best Way to View the Game 

Streaming services have transformed the way we watch television and movies, but sports have already benefited massively from such sites, allowing us from anywhere with a reliable internet connection to stream a paid service to our smartphones, tablet, or even watching in an internet cafe the live game. Whilst there are many sites that are illegal there are many sites that are subscription and only charge a minimal amount per season or even individual games.

Finding the correct and legal site will ensure you have access to all of your favorite team’s games anywhere in the world. For around $30 a month you have access not just to a specific team but to all the games in the NBA, including all the relevant news and replays of recent games and the older games. It’s very good value for money and can help keep you up to date with all the news which is especially helpful if you like to stake money on the games.

Using A VPN may Come in Very Helpful

Depending on where you are backpacking in the world and the country you are in, trying to watch the live stream a VPN could be essential. Due to regional restrictions and licensing using a VPN service is possibly the only way you may get to watch the game, especially live. Having a VPN is not only helpful to watching games but useful for enjoying the continued use of sites regardless of your country or region, enjoying such services as:

  • Netflix: The world’s leading entertainment streaming and downloading service.
  • Spotify: A whole world of music at your fingertips.
  • Amazon Prime: A premier entertainment site.
  • HBO: Home Box Office has many of our favorite shows, including some classic programming that we all love.

Having a reliable VPN is also extremely useful if you are gambling on games. In many countries, it is illegal to place bets on games online but using a Virtual Private Network you can mask and change your IP address to either your home country or one to which allows gambling. Countries such as Thailand have very strict laws on gambling due to the nation being Buddhist and the religion, not tolerant of gambling. Despite this many local people use VPNs to gamble on basketball and other sports to circumvent the government servers and avoid detection.

Enjoy the NBA on its Official Website

The NBA is huge, an industry worth over $9 billion a year and they have a very good service to help you keep up to date with the team news and watch live games. NBA TV is a subscription service that is the backpacker’s most reliable way to watch live games and the gambler’s best option. It may not be the cheapest option but it is guaranteed to have all the games that you are missing when away from home, regardless of wherever you are in the world, from Africa to the Middle East you can always watch any game live and often has replays on-demand.

The official NBA site has all the current team news and statistics helping you to watch the live games and keep you informed of your favorite team’s progress during the season. And being a non-biased and impartial media outlet it is the go-to for many backpackers and travelers. The subscription may seem a bit but much for some but it is the only reliable way to connect with the league and the team they love.


Backpacking or traveling the world can be an eye-opening experience, immersing yourself in other cultures and meeting new friends from all over the world but being able to keep abreast with the latest news and live basketball games has never been easier. With many paid and free options available there is no reason that you cannot enjoy the NBA session from any corner of the globe.