Kawhi Leonard on entering NBA draft: “I don’t have any regrets”


Getting drafted into the NBA is a huge accomplishment in a college player’s career. It’s acknowledgment that one is skilled enough to make it on basketball’s greatest stage.

But for the current crop of NBA rookies, setting foot on an NBA court, wearing an NBA uniform, and getting a huge paycheck has been delayed as the NBA lockout rages on.

However, for San Antonio Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard, he has no regrets entering the NBA Draft knowing full well a lockout was in full effect.

“I don’t have any regrets,” Leonard said. “The lockout is bad right now, but I don’t have no regrets. It’s going to be over real soon. (Getting drafted) was an unbelievable experience. It’s hard to explain it. You’re waiting on that moment your whole life and it finally gets there. It was just exciting. Words can’t explain how I felt that night.”

Let’s hope Leonard is right and the lockout will be over soon.

But Leonard has maximized the extra time off and has been preparing for the season to begin.

As we reported, Leonard took part in the Las Vegas Impact League, performed well at the Jimmer Fredette exhibition game, and has even took time to work on his three-point shooting. He even received much praise on his work-ethic from his former coach Steve Fisher.

For Spurs fans it is also a time to show patience as well. Many are looking forward to seeing Kawhi in action but will have to wait to see the newest Spur on the court just like Leonard.

As they say, good things comes to those who wait and Leonard is displaying great patience and work-ethic in this trying time for the league. This should put a smile on the Spurs’ coaching staff and fans.