Kareem a class act, congratulates Duncan


In last night’s San Antonio Spurs-Oklahoma City Thunder Game 3, Tim Duncan made NBA history by becoming the All-Time NBA playoff block shots leader surpassing the great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Click HERE to see the video of Duncan’s milestone but the man he passed, Jabbar, took to Twitter to congratulate TD on taking first place.

Tim Duncan has been the epitome of steadiness & consistency his whole career. Congrats on passing me in block shots! G-luck in the Playoffs

Class act right there!

I am sure Jabbar doesn’t mind Duncan passing him up. What better player to do that than TD who has been the model player every franchise would love to have. This milestone is just a testament to Duncan’s steady play on the side of the court that matters in winning a championship – the defensive side of the court.

Though imagine Jabbar and Duncan playing against one another during their prime years. That would have been an epic battle.