Josh Primo Waived: Shocked Fans Search For Answers

Josh Primo Waived was announced by the Spurs on Friday.
October 22, 2022, Philadelphia, PA: during the second quarter against the Philadelphia 76ers at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Saturday, October 22, 2022. (Photo by Reginald Thomas II/San Antonio Spurs -

About an hour before Friday’s game against the Chicago Bulls,  San Antonio Spurs CEO RC Buford announced the team had waived Josh Primo. As of Saturday morning, no further explanation has been given by Buford or anyone in the Spurs’ front office.

San Antonio recently exercised Primo’s third-year option, so to suddenly waive him is certainly out of the ordinary. Shocked Spurs fans took to social media to voice their dismay and attempt to gather more information. Many had believed it was just a matter of time before Primo was going take the team’s reigns. This has many asking if this is more serious than just a basketball decision.

Josh Primo Waived Shocked Everyone

Fan reactions ranged from calls to fire the entire front office to fans just being heartbroken. In many ways Primo was the unofficial face of the franchise. His likeness was used in partnership with the team’s new uniform sponsor Self on billboards around the city and in Austin where the Spurs hope to expand their fan base.

Fans and the local media seem to have come to the consensus – This is more than a “basketball decision.” Without official word from the team or from another legitimate source, everything is only speculation. What’s more, there may not be any more info officially released until Monday. As one fan pointedly said, “You’re telling me I’m left to overthink all weekend???”

Josh Primo Released a Statement

By the beginning of the fourth quarter of Friday night’s game, the now former Spurs guard released a statement through ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. He cited mental health issues from past trauma and the need to take time to focus on his well-being.

Now that Primo has released, a statement fans are looking to the Spurs organization to confirm this as the reason he and the team parted ways. Many are wondering if there is more to the story. With Primo jerseys and merchandise already pulled from the team’s fan shop, one has to conclude it is serious.

Moving Forward

It is safe to say that Spurs fans loved Primo, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine fans continuing to show him support and love through a tough time. Pulling the merchandise seems like overkill if he is simply having a mental health crisis. 

Regardless of what has happened, Primo gave Spurs fans a lot of hope for the future. Filling his spot on the team will not be an easy task. In the spirit of hoping for the best, this Project Spurs contributor would like to wish Primo all the best. Hopefully he can return to the NBA after his journey to move past his trauma is complete.


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