Jefferson’s Ex in ‘Basketball Wives’


Aside from missing his first paycheck of the year due to the lockout and being a possible Amnesty target, San Antonio Spurs forward Richard Jefferson could be getting his dirty laundry aired on TV.

His ex, who he reportedly walked out on just prior to their wedding, is the newest cast member on “Basketball Wives.”

The other new cast member, we’re told, is Kesha Ni’cole Nichols. She was set to marry Richard Jefferson back in 2009, but he bailed on the $2 million wedding the night … telling her via email.

According to our sources, Nichols talks openly about the wedding on the show and has thus far been well-liked by the rest of the cast.

I’m sure the last think Jefferson wants is to hear stories about himself on TV, especially about the wedding night. Luckily, with the NBA season slated to begin next month, he’ll have the opportunity to tell his own story.

As if being the punch-line in jokes from Spurs fans wasn’t enough. But as they say, when it rains, it pours.