Jefferson returns to UA for Red Blue game


San Antonio Spurs’ Richard Jefferson and other former University of Arizona Wildcats returned to their old stomping grounds to take part in the annual Red Blue Game.

Jefferson along with Mavericks’ Jason Terry, Raptors’ Jerryd Bayless, Rockets’ Chase Budinger, Suns’ Channing Frye, Timberwolves’ Derrick Williams, Rockets’ Jordan Hill, and others participated as the Red Team beat the Blue Team 67-54.

Terry spoke on the ongoing labor dispute and stated he isn’t optimistic on it ending soon.

“I was optimistic when this thing started,” said Terry, speaking of the lockout possibly ending. Terry is a Maverick player rep. “Am I that way now? No, not as much. But will we have a season? Hopefully. I hope we can get this thing resolved because it affects more than just the players. We have working class people who are dependent on us to have jobs so they can provide for their families. For us we just need to get a deal done. One that’s fair for both sides and to do what we do best, and that’s play basketball.”

Though this lockout has been a huge damper on NBA fans, it has at least allowed for players, such as Jefferson, to partake in such exhibition games. Hopefully RJ used it to work on his game and once and for all prove he was worth trading for.