Jefferson not likely to move?


After all the speculation, rumors and wishful thinking, all the San Antonio Spurs fans that wanted to see Al Jefferson wearing silver and black will probably not get that chance. It was a fun dream while it lasted, but it looks like the Utah Jazz are intent on keeping Jefferson around.

According to Ric Bucher, the Jazz are not looking to part ways with Jefferson, but may be looking at other options.

“Latest word on Utah Jazz and who they'll keep vs. deal between Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap: Jefferson is the likeliest to stay right now, according to several opposing team executives. Consensus is the Jazz can't afford to keep both with Gordon Hayward soon to be eligible for an extension and the belief that Hayward is in the team's long-term plans.”

I guess the whole Al Jefferson thing was just a rumor that got a little out of hand in the first place, but once people started saying it, it just seemed to pick up more steam.

I suppose not all hope is lost just yet. Perhaps if this was something the Spurs were truly interested in, they could still sweeten the deal to land Jefferson. Bucher just said Millsap was more likely to leave Utah, not that it was a sure thing.

The trade deadline is still nine days away, and as we all know, in that time anything can happen. I’m not putting my money on Al Jefferson coming to San Antonio, but I still won’t rule it out.

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