Jefferson a horse racing fan?


We found out yesterday that San Antonio Spurs’ Tim Duncan isn’t a complete hermit and today we found out something interesting about another Spur, everyone’s favorite Richard Jefferson.

Turns out not only does Jefferson like beach volleyball, he’s also a big horse racing fan. Who knew?

The NTRA (National Thoroughbred Racing Association) Thoroughbred Network Notebook posted a Q & A with Jefferson. Did you know Richard Jefferson is a Yankees fan. It’s true. He also lists his heroes as his mother and his University of Arizona coach, Lute Olsen.

We also discovered that his favorite motto or quote is “treat others like you want to be treated.” Thank goodness he doesn’t live by the motto “treat others as you’re treated” because a lot of you Spurs fans would be getting cursed out or worse by a 6’7″ basketball player.

You can follow Jefferson on twitter at @RJeff24 and he recommends you follow @jemelehill (a fantastic follow), @plaxico (just don’t take his gun control advice) and @barackobama (hint: that’s not really Obama tweeting for himself).

Also, because you Spurs fans haven’t bashed this guy enough, he also said his philosphy on life is “you want it? work for it”.

Go ahead guys, attack now.