Jeff Teague thinks he can be ‘Tony Parker’ for Atlanta


During the Atlanta Hawks media day, guard Jeff Teague was going over his expectations for the upcoming NBA season. According to Teague, his role will be compared to the role Tony Parker has with the San Antonio Spurs. Specifically, he sees himself being more of a facilitator and getting the ball moving.

Slow down there young buck. I am not sure if Teague will be able to handle that responsibility yet or is just brimming with over-confidence.

Here's a news flash Teague, Parker does more than simply make sure the offense runs correctly. TP plays the role of leader, facilitator and scorer inside the paint and out when the Spurs need it most. He has become an extension of Coach Gregg Popovich on the floor. During the playoffs, there were a few occasions where Popovich took Tim Duncan off the floor and let Parker run the show.

Will Teague be able to do that come the postseason? That's if Atlanta makes the postseason.

And there's the whole turnover issue he has – 2.9 turnovers per game.

Look I am not going to knock Teague for believing himself and his skill-set but in four seasons in the NBA, Teague has been good (averaged career highs of 14.6 points, 7.2 assists, 2.3 rebounds and 1.6 steals in 32.9 minutes per game last season) but not at an elite level as Parker. 

Granted, Parker did have the right players to compliment his game which led him to capture three NBA titles (including an NBA Finals MVP nod in 2007) but certainly Teague has not risen to this level.

In the end, I like Teague's spunk,and with time he might realize his potential and continue to improve his game.

He will have former Spurs coach Mike Budenholzer to guide him in his development, which is a plus, and there's nothing wrong with him striving to be more like Parker but lets not get too ahead of ourselves here.

At least not yet Teague.

(source Rant Sports)