Jason Terry says Mavericks can catch Spurs


In what seems to be a common occurrence now, but Dallas Mavericks’ Jason Terry is at it again when it comes to the San Antonio Spurs.

Terry says Dallas can catch the San Antonio whether it be in the regular season or the playoffs:

“We’re going to catch them sooner or later, whether it’s now or in the playoffs,” Terry said Tuesday following the Mavericks’ first post-All-Star break practice. “We’d rather it be in the playoffs, in the Western finals or what have you. But we’re going to catch them.” (espn.com)

I understand Terry has to say this.

No player will come out in front of the media and say all hope is lost and not try to be the number one team in the NBA. I can appreciate his moxie. But to say such as thing like this will only add some extra motivation for the Spurs should they face the Mavericks in the playoffs. He keeps giving the Spurs more and more locker room material.

Currently, the Mavericks are second in the Southwest Division, six games behind the Spurs and have split the two meetings this season.

Technically the Mavericks are within striking distance of the number one seed but the Spurs would have to play absolutely terrible for Dallas to catch them which is something highly unlikely to occur. 

However, one thing is clear – Terry fired a verbal shot at the Spurs and this will not sit well with Spurs fans across the globe seeing how Terry has a history of taking verbal and physical shots at San Antonio. Ask former Spur Michael Finley.

But dig deeper Spurs fans. San Antonio is in the mind of Terry which can be used to the Spurs advantage. Need proof? Read what he had to say about losing in the first-round to the Spurs:

“What happened to us last year in the first round,” Terry said, “we’re still motivated by it.”

What do you have to say about Terry’s latest shot at the Spurs?

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