Jason Terry lobs verbal shot at Knicks


Ever since Broadway Joe guaranteed the New York Jets victory in Superbowl III, athletes have been throwing out guarantees like they were going out of style.

While I would be more offended by a player who did not believe in his team, I am often reminded that guarantees in sports are as good as the paper they are written on when the athlete blows off the guarantee by saying simply either it wasn’t their day or the other team played better.

Returning from vacation, Jason Terry of the Brooklyn Nets was asked, during an interview with Dime Magazine, for his opinion of J.R. Smith’s guarantee of the New York Knicks bringing the Larry O’Brien trophy back to the Empire State.

 Never one to hold his tongue, his was response was classic Terry.

“Maybe the Rucker Park Championship. I don’t know, not the NBA championship. I don’t see how they could guarantee that, at all”.

Terry went on to say that the Nets don’t want to see that happen on their watch.

Judging by how much pleasure he took at being a big a thorn in the side of the San Antonio Spurs and getting under the skin of Spurs fans during his time with the Dallas Mavericks, I am looking forward to seeing Knicks fans go ballistic when Terry hits up Madison Square Garden for the first time next season.

In regards to the Knicks chances at the title, even without the comments, I didn’t see the Knicks’ path to the Atlantic Division crown being a cakewalk, especially with Terry and the in-state Nets breathing down their necks.

Let’s not forget about the back-to-back NBA Champions in the East, I see any NBA Finals preparations being premature and almost laughable.

Should they come out of the Eastern Conference, the Western Conference Champion will be battle tested and give the Knicks more than they can handle.

Plus I feel that anytime an athlete makes a guarantee, they should put something up as collateral. A good example would be for the athlete to give that season’s salary to charity.

I feel that would ensure that athletes will think carefully before throwing out meaningless guarantees.