James Anderson could be Ferry's next Danny Green


James AndersonIt was reported last night on Twitter by San Antonio Spurs guard Danny Green that his fellow swingman James Anderson will be calling Atlanta home next season.

The Hawks, who could use some help at shooting guard with the loss of Joe Johnson, could be making quite the sleeper move here. Anderson is a capable scorer and slasher and at times showed signs of improving on the defensive end, but he lost his confidence with the Spurs after he failed to make an impression on the coaching staff when he stepped in for Manu Ginobii against Golden State last season.

Anderson had been the sixth or seventh man off the bench and when the Spurs started Green after Anderson's dissapointing performance, Anderson's time on the floor began going downhill and at times didn't come off the bench at all.

Anderson needs time on the floor, and Atlanta should provide that, so while he had a rough two seasons with the Spurs, the player many called a steal when he was drafted by the Spurs, could flourish in Atlanta.

Good on the Spurs for allowing Anderson to play on the summer league squad to showcase his skills. While i thought Anderson might actually have a shot tomake the training camp roster once Derrick Byars was waived, it's good to see him catch on somewhere.


The move by Danny Ferry to bring over a player he helped draft and that he worked with seems eerily similar to when Ferry was with the Cavs and Danny Green was signed on Ferry's clock in San Antonio.

This is likely a win-win for everyone involved. The Spurs still have an open roster spot and saved some money on Byars' waiving and if Anderson works out in Atlanta, Ferry could be an early season favorite to win executive of the year after unloading Joe Johnson's behemoth of a contract.