Jail brawl erupts over TV seats for Spurs-Heat Game 1


It is an exciting time in the NBA as the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat battle for the 2013 NBA crown.

But as Game 1 of the series was fast approaching last week, there was another battle over seats and not the ones found at the American Airlines Arena in Miami.

According to the OCRegister.com, a brawl took place over TV seating at the James A. Musick jail Thursday night which happened during Game 1 of the Spurs-Heat series.
"They were arguing over who got the better seats to watch TV," said Cmdr. Steve Kea of the Orange County Sheriff's Department.
According to the report, a few inmates received medical treatment once the dust settled.
Here's hoping the Spurs fans among the bunch got the best seats to see San Antonio beat the Heat in Game 1 and got the back seats in Game 2 to quickly retreat to their cells after seeing the Spurs get spanked in Game 2.