Jackson: Spurs are only organization that has felt like home


San Antonio Spurs’ Stephen Jackson’s career has landed him in seven different NBA cities. While his best seasons have been with the Indiana Pacers and Golden State Warriors, Jackson didn’t think twice about coming back to San Antonio when he was traded at the trade deadline.

For Jackson, even though his time in San Antonio only accounted for two of his ten NBA seasons, he told News4WOAI that San Antonio was home.

“This is the only organization that I ever played for that felt like home, that felt like family,” Jackson said. “Here is where I get my most memories and where I really learned how to be a professional.”

Jackson sat down with our friends at News4WOAI and discussed everything from the Malice at the Palace, common misconceptions about him and his outlook on his life when his career is over.

Jackson, who confirmed that former Spurs assistant coach Mike Brown followed him around to keep him on the straight and narrow, also said that the incident in Detroit put things in perspective for him.

“Sitting down in the house for 30 games and not being able to play, taking what I love to do from me. It brings you back to reality,” Jackson said. “Taking the game of basketball from me is like taking a family member and it hurts.”

Watch the full interview below.