Jackson says Cardinal’s hit on Duncan was dirty


It didn’t take long for new Spur Stephen Jackson to show his fiery side and add to the San Antonio Spurs-Dallas Mavericks rivalry.

During the Spurs-Mavericks game this past Friday, Cardinal accidentally hit Duncan across the face during a Spurs’ possession. After the game, Jackson didn’t think the hit was an accident and let Cardinal know exactly how he felt about the hit with a shot of his own.

“To me, it was a dirty play,” Jackson said. “When you can’t play no more, I guess all you can do is go out and try to hurt people.”

Ouch but way to go Jackson. However, Cardinal made sure Jackson’s comment didn’t go unanswered.

“The thing I take from that is that he thinks I once could play,” he said. “I’ll take that.”

This is exactly what I like about Jackson back with the Spurs. The edge, toughness, and willing to protect his teammates on and off the court.

Though the Cardinal hit on Duncan was an accident, if some other player takes a shot on any Spur, Jackson will be there to make sure he has his teammates back.

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