Jackson, Bonner join the Channel 4 News team


For their birthday this year, San Antonio Spurs Matt Bonner and Stephen Jackson got a special Photoshop treatment.

Jackson posted a picture to Instagram of himself and Bonner as members of the Channel 4 Evening News team alongside Ron Burgundy with the caption, “This how me and Matt walk in our party. Wow.” Bonner and Jackson both celebrated their birthday on April 5th and I guess this was something that an admirer did especially for them to help commemorate the big day.

Jackson took the place of Champ Kind covering sports and Bonner will be filling in for Brian Fantana as lead field reporter. I guess nobody on the Spurs had good enough hair to replace the legendary Ron Burgundy.

Perhaps this picture is foreshadowing the careers of Bonner and Jackson after their NBA days are done. I can’t imagine the Red Mamba ever going with the dark, flowing hair, but I could definitely see Jackson sporting the cowboy hat and yelling out “WHAMMY!”

(Photo via Jackson's Instagram)