Irving’s mentality helped defeat Bonner, win 3-Point Contest


HOUSTON – Kyrie Irving was featured in the 3-Point Contest on Saturday night, a skill he's not known much for in the league despite shooting 42% from beyond the arc. The men he was going up against were known for this and probably viewed as favorites for the event, namely San Antonio Spurs' Matt "Red Mamba" Bonner and New York Knicks' Steve Novak. These two reserves don't get many minutes compared to other players, but they're known for doing one thing very well  and this served them as favorites for the event.

It seems Irving had a chip on his shoulder entering it. He viewed himself as an underdog against the rest of the field.

"I feel like I was a dark horse in this competition. I just want to go out and prove a point that I was one of the premier shooters out here with all these guys. Steve Novak and Matt Bonner, I never thought I'd beat those guys."

Irving's mentality served him well and may be one of the reasons why he won this competition. Bonner had his following, along with huge Twitter support, to go along with his 44% three point shooting in the second round while Irving was expected to flop by some. Kyrie Irving has been the bright spot for the Cleveland Cavaliers this season as he has impressed on a team that's heading farther down in the standings. Maybe the league will be paying attention to Irving's stills more after this weekend as he's becoming one of the more complete players the NBA has.