Introducing Project Spurs Memberships


Project Spurs has been bringing you news, features, analysis and podcasts on the San Antonio Spurs since 2004. It’s something we love doing, and we love interacting with our community of die-hard NBA and Spurs fans.

Any ask is always very hard, and something we don’t take lightly. We have some goals, and the best way to achieve them wasn’t adding more ads. In fact we’ve cut our advertising almost in half to provide a better user experience.

We also despise paywalls and believe our content should always remain free on site, so before I go on, I want to make it clear that nothing on the site will change for anyone. You’ll still get the same great coverage you’ve come to expect, and if anything, this will help us expand our reach and offer even more features and coverage.

The option that made the most sense was starting a membership, which allows our readers to support us to help us reach some of our goals. My goal is to provide members with great benefits and to make the choice to support Project Spurs a very easy decision. What members will receive is additional content that we don’t normally offer, especially in terms of frequency.

We have several membership levels that offer different benefits. You can check out the full breakdown on Patreon. We’d love your support, but if it’s not something that works for you, we hope you continue to enjoy the content we provide. We’re excited about what we’ll be able to provide this season, so don’t miss it.



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