Injuries In Football And Ways To Prevent Them


Injuries in contact sports are very common. They can be really problematic for both the player as well as the team. The career of a professional athlete is limited to only a few years, they have to make the most of their career within that time and injuries can halt their career in seconds. If it’s not a very serious injury, a player may be out for the season or two. Though some injuries cannot be prevented because they happen in the heat of the moment, most other injuries can be prevented if we take proper care. Some of the steps that every footballer should take to address the problem are to:

  • Be active even after the season ends – According to, most athletes take it easy once the season ends. Throughout the season their body tend to become sore and most athletes relax after the season. It is okay to relax for a few weeks but to be ready for the next season you should be active. You should include running or swimming along with your weights in the gym during the off season. With these activities your muscles and ligaments will be active and strong and the chance of injury reduces when you get to your peak performance during the next season.
  • Increase your intensity slowly – Most injuries to footballers occur because they get into the full flow, with a lot of intensity too fast. The muscles and tendons and ligaments are not ready for the intensity after a break, it is essential to slowly get into the flow, you should increase your intensity only after a few weeks of getting back on the ground to avoid injury.
  • Warm up exercises and stretching – Warm up exercises and stretching are very important to reduce injuries. If the body is not warmed up the muscles can be cold and taut and this can lead to injuries. Do not think that warm up exercises or cooling down exercises are not important, they are the most important and you should do them with the same vigour as you do your normal exercises. Also stretching can loosen the muscles and make your ready for the game, you will be able to flex your muscles better after stretching. Many injuries have been avoided with proper stretching exercises according to sports experts.
  • Proper equipment – Injuries happen when athletes feel that nothing can happen to them. It is essential to wear the proper equipment even during training, in fact, we should be saying particularly during training as many injuries occur during training. The helmet, shoulder pads, hip pads, knee pads, and other guards are all there for a reason. When you simulate a match during practice and if you are not wearing the proper protective equipment you can get injured and lose a season. Also during matches make sure that you wear all the equipment that is necessary.

These small steps can ensure prevention of injuries.

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