If the Spurs were an NFL team


SASThe guys over at Crossover Chronicles had an interesting idea as they decided to find out which NBA players could be used to form a football team.

One name they mentioned on the offensive line was San Antonio Spurs’ DeJuan Blair.

So anyways, here is our offensive line made up of current NBA Players:

Right Tackle: Kendrick Perkins
Right Guard: DeJuan Blair
Center: Glen Davis
Left Guard: Samardo Samuels
Left Tackle: Zach Randolph

Some of the guys they listed as their offensive line were some of the NBA’s more bulkier players, so it’s not unexpected that this would be the NBA’s offensive line.

I’m going to take this a step further and see which Spurs players could be inserted on a football team.

Tim Duncan-Tight End

Duncan has the height to garner this position and his smooth ability on the basketball court could be seen running a post on the football field.

Tony Parker-Running Back/Kick Returner

Parker has the speed, quickness, and agility to break open an run. He’s also a very physical player who is usually on the floor when he’s with the Spurs so it wouldn’t be too different on the football field.

Manu Ginobili-Free Safety

Ginobili is the perfect free safety. He’s crafty and unpredictable, imagine how many interceptions and fumbles he’d be involved in?

DeJuan Blair-Defensive Tackle

I respect the guys’ decision at Crossover Chronicles, but I see Blair more as a defensive tackle. Imagine him using his spin move to get around the offensive line and sack the quarterback?

Matt Bonner-Defensive End

Bonner doesn’t look threatening but when you actually stand next to him, he’s actually a really bulky dude. Plus he came from Florida, that’s an SEC school. Bonner could probably play some football.

Gary Neal-Corner Back

Neal looks like the prototypical defensive back, he’s not too fast or too tall but he has great technique. He’s also got a set build which means he could probably light up a receiver.

Kawhi Leonard-Middle Linebacker

From what we’ve seen of Leonard in his SDSU videos, he’s a banger in the paint so he’d be the best option as a linebacker.

Cory Joseph-Corner Back/ Punt Returner

Joseph is really fast as that was one of his strengths on Canada. If he can defend quick players on the basketball floor, who is to say he can’t become “Revis Island” and keep wide outs in check? Joseph is also the perfect punt returner because of his speed.

Richard Jefferson-Punter

It’s a joke, Jefferson would be the wide receiver of the team.

James Anderson-Quarterback

Anderson looks like the player who’d probably have the arm and form to handle the quarterback position. Plus he’s an Oklahoma State guy so you know he’s got to know how to run the no-huddle offense.

Tiago Splitter-Defensive End 

Splitter is a banger as well in the paint, so a defensive end is the perfect position for him.

Da’Sean Butler-Strong Safety

Butler is a Mountaineer, and though the Big East hasn’t been one of the premiere conferences over the last few years, Butler would be the perfect compliment to Ginobili in the safety area.

What do you think Spurs fans? What position do you think a Spurs player could excel at on the football field? 

(Photo: uslsoccer.com) 

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