‘Ice Man’ mentoring Magic’s Harris


A lot of people may not have heard of Tobias Harris. The Orlando Magic’s second year small forward out of Tennessee doesn’t get a lot of recognition, but he’s a solid young player always working on getting better.

Helping him on his path of improvement is none other than George “Ice Man” Gervin, one of the greatest San Antonio Spurs of all time. Gervin and Harris’ family go way back. Tobias’ father, Torrel, was actually the Ice Man’s agent in his post-NBA career.

"I've known the family a long time," Gervin said. "Tobias can play, man. He understands the game. He loves the game. I'm proud of him."

Gervin’s mentoring of Harris didn’t just start when Tobias made it to the NBA either. Ice has been mentoring him since he was 13. They worked together all throughout high school and college, and Gervin still calls or texts Harris weekly.

"The advice Ice gives me is really on point, on key," Harris said. "The main thing he tells me is to have fun. You have fun, the game comes more naturally to you."

Harris had fallen out of favor in Milwaukee, where he started his NBA career, but he was part of the trade that brought J.J. Redick to the Bucks and sent him to the Magic. Now he’s averaging almost 29 minutes and 15 points per game in Orlando. He’s taking advantage of an opportunity with a lesser team to show what he can do.

With advice continuously coming from the Ice Man and a strong work ethic, who knows what Tobias Harris is capable of in this league. He’ll be a fun player to keep an eye on for the next couple years as he continues to grow.

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