Ian Mahinmi To Play For French National Team & Parker Update


According to reports, Ian Mahinmi is off to join the French National Team at Eurobasket 2009 and as expected Tony Parker has rejoined the French team since returning from San Antonio after undergoing additional exams on his ankle.

With the French team having three Spurs (Parker, DeColo, Mahinmi) it would make Spurs brass and fans nervous about their health and rightfully so.  Spurs fans have seen Parker suffer an ankle injury in past years playing for France and of course there is the Manu Ginobilli injury from this past Olympic games.

Many Spurs fans are not fond of the idea of our international Spurs playing for their home countries in the off season and would prefer them resting up for the regular season.  What is your take on all this Spurs fans?  Leave us a comment.