I can’t quit you NBA


Everyone is familiar with a bad breakup. There’s yelling, screaming, gnashing of teeth, a handful of tears and, of course, more yelling.

Days, months, maybe even years might go by between seeing each other and all you can remember are the good times.

You look at them, see past all the flaws that brought out the anger in you, then think about all the crazy fun times you once shared and you fall back in.

That’s how I feel about the NBA right now.

The Association is that ex-girlfriend that treated you badly, left you, flirted with some other guys, but now wants you back.

Lets, be honest, you want her back too. You wouldn’t be reading anything on this site if you weren’t someone who couldn’t live without the pain that is the NBA.

We’ve already seen it in these first few days with the way the league has treated all the trades. I feel like I’ve had fantasy leagues that have been run better than NBA up to this point. Doesn’t matter though, I’m diving into this season head first. The water might only be three feet deep and I might be setting myself up for a lot of pain, but I don’t care.

I want to know how this season will play out. I want to know how the crazy schedule is going to impact everyone.

I want to know if the San Antonio Spurs are going to stand pat for the most part and miss the playoffs all together this year. On the flip side, all these unproven commodities (Spliiter, Leonard, Joesph, Neal) might be able to step their games up to the next level and the “Big Three” will have some help to make another deep playoff run.

I want to see what’s going to happen with the Heat. I want to know if Lebron is really the “Second Coming of Jordan” or if he’s just another impostor that we anointed a little too early.

I want to know if the defending champion Dallas Mavericks (it still pains me to say that) are going to be able to do it again without Chandler and with Mr. Kardashian aka Lamar Odom.

I want to know if it will ever get old for me to tell Mavs fans, “Your excitement is cute… I remember celebrating the Spurs first championship over a decade ago.” (Doubtful)

I want to know if Chris Paul and Blake Griffin will break the record for SportsCenter Top 10 plays by a duo.

I think the NBA is faaaaaaantastic and I don’t care who knows it. I’m sure my friends will say stuff behind my back. I’m sure they’ll have backhanded, sarcastic comments for me and my ex.

I don’t care… I’m in love. At least I am for now.