Hunter: Ginobili earned those calls


Manu Ginobili's unique play for the San Antonio Spurs doesn't go unnoticed. Depending on which side you're on, the critique of his style may differ.

Lindsey Hunter, head coach of the Phoenix Suns, looks at it from a standpoint that's not bias and is a huge fan of Manu's game. He praised Ginobili after the Spurs defeated the Suns on February 24.

“That’s why they hang banners…Until we get that type of respect and earn that type of respect that’s what’s going to happen,” Hunter said. “I don’t make excuses for that. He’s earned those calls.” (

It's no secret Manu Ginobili isn't a favorite of any Phoenix Suns fan with his play. His tendencies to challenge his opponent and skills to garner calls make him the kind of player you'd love to have on your team but hate to play against. Before Suns fans accuse Ginobili of flopping, the team did have their own "Ginobili" in Raja Bell seasons ago when the Suns were a championship contender. Like Ginobili, that's the kind of skill Hunter is talking about

Ginobili, like Bell, choose to do the little things that are usually under the radar on and that the rest of the team doesn't do by instinct. It's no secret when Bell left the Suns, a big part that made them contenders left along with him. While the Spurs don't rely as much as they used to on Ginobili like past years, the mentality Ginobili brings is what puts the Spurs on top over other teams when there's discussion.

This is the same mentality that Lindsey Hunter mentions, the same game on the court that's under appreciated. Some call it acting and others call it flopping, but when it's your team on top because of it you call it "winning."

That's exactly what Ginobili brings to the Spurs and, as Hunter pointed out, he's earned that respect.