How To Watch Texas A&M vs Xavier Men’s Basketball for NIT Tournament Final

Xavier vs. Texas A&M NIT Championship
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The National Invite Tournament draws to a close tonight with Texas A&M facing Xavier in the Championship game at Madison Square Garden. The Texas A&M Aggies are looking to take home their first NIT title tonight after a dominate 72-56 win over Washington State. Xavier also seeks the title in a more unique journey with the firing of head coach Travis Steele on March 16, the Musketeers are now lead by new head coach Sean Miller looks to earn a title in his first month on the job. Here’s everything about, Texas A&M vs Xavier Men’s College basketball game for 2022 NIT Tournament final, where, when and how to watch online

Texas A&M vs Xavier basketball Game:

When: Thursday, March 31, 2022, 6 PM CT.

Location: Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York

TV Channel: ESPN

Stream: Gamepass

Quenton Jackson led the Aggies against Washington State with 18 points and the Aggies will look to him to have another strong performance tonight to bring the championship home. After the win against Washington State when asked about the title game Jackson said . “We’re in a great groove right now as a team

Texas A&M vs Xavier Men’s Basketball Preview

The coaching staff has done a great job with the scouting reports and all of that, working overtime. We are overly prepared for whatever is to come next as players. We just have to go out there and play with confidence and stick to the script and we’ll be alright.” and when asked about what would be the perfect send off for the Aggie Senior he said “ A Win” .. “That would be the appropriate sendoff to be honest. If we could win tomorrow, then the job will be finished. Job done.” Henry Colman also had a big game against Washington State with 16 points. Look for Championship performances from these two tonight as they fight for Texas A&M’s first NIT title.

Xavier also earned their way to the NIT Championship Game with a strong 84-77 win over St. Bonaventure. The Musketeers were able to turn things around under new head coach Sean Miller winning against Cleveland State, Florida, Vanderbilt and St. Bonaventure to get to the finals after their loss in the Big East Tournament to Butler.

When asked about everything thats happened with injuries and a new head coach Xavier Sophomore Colby Jones said, “We could have laid down when things happened a couple weeks ago, but I feel like our guys just love each other so much that we went out and played for each other and played for the university and played for coach (Jonas) Hayes,”.. “I feel like all that just built up and prepared us for this moment.” When Asked about all the emotions of the last month Coach Jonas Hayes said, “It has been a wide-ranging of emotions, from sadness to anxiety to a little happiness for myself for being put in position like this, understanding the situation that we love (former Xavier head coach) Travis Steele, but meeting adversity head on, the way our guys have done that is what Xavier basketball is.”

Zach Freemantle, Adam Kunkel, and Jack Nunge all had 18 points in the win against St. Bonaventure. So look for them to all have repeat performances tonight if the want to win against the aggies Colby Jones also has 16 points in the victory.

How to watch Xavier vs. Texas A&M Men’s Basketball Final Match

Tonight’s NIT Championship game can be watched on ESPN and if you have cable log ins you can watch on the ESPN app or Gamepass. Otherwise there are streaming options with Sling and fuboTV who have free trails.