How to watch Britain’s Strongest Man Contest 2022 live stream and TV information

Britain’s Strongest Man
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It is one thing to be fit, and a whole other thing to be strong. On Saturday, February 26, 2022, 12 of the top lifters from Great Britain will attempt muscular feats that would crumble most men. The purpose, of course, is to earn the title of Britain’s Strongest Man. For the top three finishers, an invitation to the World’s Strongest Man this coming May is also in store. Five events will put the men to the test in this display of gigantic proportions. It all returns again to Sheffield’s Utilita Arena for the fifth-consecutive year.

How to watch Britain’s Strongest Man 2022

Date: Feb. 26 | Start time: 12 p.m. ET
Location: Sheffield Arena, UK
TV/Stream: Click here to watch online

Strong men have been attractions for thousands of years, with strength competitions dating back to 6000 B.C.. Previously finding roles in circuses or “freak shows”, these mountainous men have found roles on the big screen as well. Iceland’s 6’9”, 323 lb Hafthor Bjornsson is one of the most-recognizable former competitors, playing the role of “The Mountain” in HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Who is Competing in Britain’s Strongest Man Contest 2022?

The field of 12 competitors for Britain’s Strongest Man this year is headlined by the reigning champion, Tom Stoltman. At 6’8”, 384 lbs Stoltman, a Scotsman, not only took the lifting crown in Britain but last summer earned the title of World’s Strongest Man. His quest to repeat begins on Saturday in Sheffield as he looks to hold off his brother Luke Stotlman, 2020 winner Adam Bishop, and the others, representing Wales, England, Ireland, and, of course, Scotland.

Adam BishopEngland
Tom StoltmanScotland
Luke StoltmanScotland
Gavin BiltonWales
Mark FelixEngland
Shane FlowersEngland
Desmond GahanWales
Andy BlackScotland
Pa O’DwyerIreland
Paul SmithEngland
Ryan EnglandEngland
Mark SteeleEngland

When is Britain’s Strongest Man Competition 2022?

The competition for Britain’s Strongest Man is on Saturday, February 26, 2022, at 5 p.m. GMT for locals. In the United States, fans will want to be at their screens for the start of the event at 12 p.m. EST / 9 a.m. PST.

What Are the Events For Britain’s Strongest Man Competition?

There are different kinds of strength, and perfecting a certain lift doesn’t necessarily cut it. To be named the strongest man, one must show versatility with their strength, and that is the essence of the strongest man competition format.

The events are as follows: 200kg (440.9 lbs) Shield Carry for distance, 360kg (793.6 lbs) Axel Deadlift for reps, 150kg (330.7 lbs) Axel Press for reps, 6x Sandbag toss over bar, Castle Stones up to 200kg (440.9 lbs).