How to watch 2022 Women’s Gymnastics Championships, finals: live stream and schedule


The stage has been set for the NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Finals. No. 1 Oklahoma, No. 2 Florida, No. 4 Utah and No. 6 Auburn will face off for an NCAA title. After Team USA won gold medals, interest in collegiate gymnastics spiked. Auburn Head Coach Jeff Graba has compared newfound fan interest to be in a boy band. Quite walks to the bus have turned into an impromptu meet and greets with fans hoping to meet Olympic Athletes.

Viewing Info

Schools Competing: Florida, Oklahoma, Utah, Auburn
When: Saturday, April 16, 2022, 1 PM ET
Where: Dickies Arena. Ft Worth, Texas.
How To Watch: Click here to watch

If you’ve never watched collegiate-level gymnastics now is the time. To say that this will be the most intense NCAA Women’s Gymnastics finals ever may be an understatement. Illustrious teams like UCLA and LSU were eliminated by fractions of a point in regionals leaving no room for error. After advancing in their regionals competition Utah’s head coach Tom Farden said this about looking forward to the semifinals,

“You have to be dang close to flawless to get into the last day at nationals..”

How To Watch NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Championships finals

You can watch the national championship round airing on Saturday, April 16 at 1 p.m. ET on ABC. Fans can watch NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Championships Semifinals, Live Stream, with a combo package through GamePass
The day pass gives 24 hours of access for just $9.99 for a complete tournament pass. GamepassTV (anywhere) doesn’t require a VPN to watch from anywhere in the world, and no contract or subscription is needed.

Precision Over Difficulty

While it may seem like elite-level Olympic athletes would have a clear advantage that is not necessarily the case. In collegiate-level gymnastics, the scoring rules differ from the Olympics favoring precision over difficulty. At the elite levels, you can make up for a mistake by adding difficult moves to your routine. But in collegiate gymnastics, it’s all about completing your routine perfectly. The highest score possible in colligate gymnastics is a perfect 10.0. While it’s not easy to score a perfect 10.0 it is more common at the collegiate level. This season alone there have been 67 routines that have earned a perfect 10.0. In this Finals matchup, the slightest wobble or stumbled landing can be the difference between going home and winning a title.


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