How to create a location QR code and create a more specific marketing campaign?

Businesses with physical stores have to cater to tech-savvy customers, making their locations or addresses easy to spot.

Gone are the days of using old-school printed maps or signage to make your business location known. The good thing is, location-based applications such as Google Maps and Waze have grown in popularity over the years.

But sharing these locations may sometimes confuse as some users have to search your location again if covered by messages.

Thanks to the continuing advancement of a QR code generator with logo online, QR code experts were able to integrate the use of location QR codes to let their target audience scan this two-dimensional barcode to view the exact location of your shop, restaurants, hotels, or even your office.

How is it possible to share locations using QR codes?

Let’s have a bit of an overview of a QR code and how it works first. Denso Wave invented QR or Quick Response Code in Japan way back in 1994 to track automobile parts in a manufacturing company.

Unlike a barcode with limited ability to store information, QR codes can house large sets of information, such as your Google Map location URL.

When scanned using a smartphone device, it will redirect the scanner to the information embedded in the code. The scanning and the data access happen in a matter of seconds.

Location QR code

Location QR code is a solution that redirects users to your exact location or geographical position. This means that you can copy the URL for every location and convert it into a dynamic URL QR code. 

This QR code solution is tailor-fit to business owners and enterprises that have to market their stores, restaurants, or hotels to a broader audience.

A Google Maps QR code is one great example of a location QR code that most marketers implore to use when tagging their store as most users use Google Maps to know the directions of the shops they want to visit and buy.

Why you should generate your location QR code in a dynamic form?

A dynamic QR code allows you to change your Waze URL or Google Maps URL anytime, even after disseminating the QR code. The changes will automatically reflect when the QR code is scanned. 

You don’t have to reprint your location QR code using a dynamic URL QR code.

Moreover, unlike the static one, you can track data using dynamic QR codes, which does not allow you to change the content connected to it, and data cannot be tracked.

How to create a QR location-based QR code?

  • Go to Google Maps or Waze and find the location of your establishment.
  • Tap the location and click the share icon for Google Maps. Copy the URL
  • For Waze users, point the cursor to the exact spot of your establishment and then right-click using your mouse, and then click share. Copy the URL
  • Use the best QR code generator that has a user-friendly interface and intuitive solutions.
  • Click on the “URL QR code solution”
  • Paste the location URL
  • Always choose a dynamic QR code so you can edit and track your location-based QR code.
  • Click “generate QR code” and customize
  • Do a scan test with your QR code.
  • Download and deploy your QR code


As technology progresses, QR codes are now used for more than just directing scanners to a website. As a result, these QR codes can now be used in a variety of fields.

Redirect your audience to a landing page or website based on the user’s location using one single QR code.

With the use of a QR code generator with logo online, launching worldwide campaigns for your business to market your stores, restaurants, or hotels to a global audience is can be achieved through scanning your customised location QR codes. 

QR codes are, without a doubt, one of the most cutting-edge technologies for making your marketing efforts more engaging and interactive.