How the Spurs fare in a social media world


Twitter, and Facebook are heads above the rest when it comes to social media outlets. Many NBA fans flood the two popular social media outlets during games and it’s the same for San Antonio Spurs fans.

We here at Project Spurs also use the two outlets to reports news from press row (or press balcony) at Spurs’ home and road games, and use Twitter to feed fans the latest news in the world of the Spurs such as exclusive interviews with players from the Spurs’ locker room. But how do the Spurs fare when it comes to reaching out to their fans using Twitter and Facebook?

According to a report (via, and using some complex metrics break down which I won’t even begin to explain, here is how the Spurs ranked when it comes to use of Twitter and Facebook.

  • The Spurs ranked the fourth slowest growing team on Facebook at 16%.
  • The Spurs are tied with the Jazz (fourth) with the highest conversation percentage at 3.3%. A percentage of fans that are interacting with the Spurs Facebook page via Likes, Comments and Shares.
  • The Spurs have the fifth fastest reply time on Twitter at 10 seconds.

Well there you have it Spurs fans. Social media is becoming more and more at the forefront of how NBA teams and players interact with their fans and there seems to be no stopping it and it seems the Sprs are embracing this outlet. They just need a bit more work.

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