Horry: Shot in ’95 WCF vs. Spurs most meaningful

When San Antonio Spurs fans think of Robert Horry's biggest shot, the game winner against the Detroit Pistons in the 2005 NBA Finals may come to mind. You can say the same thing about Los Angeles Lakers fans and how they might think his biggest shot was against the Sacramento Kings in the 2001 playoffs.
However, in Horry's opinion, neither of those big shots are his personal favorite. If he had to pick one, the one clutch shot he choose might trigger the ire of the Silver and Black faithful.
Via GMANetwork.com
Everyone talks about the shot I made against the Sacramento Kings (in the 2001 Western Conference Finals). I like to talk about the shot I made in game one against the [San Antonio] Spurs. They were our nemeses and we could never beat them…and I hit that shot in game one of the Western Conference Finals that meant a lot to me. The Kings weren't really our rivals but San Antonio owned us during the regular season, so that shot meant more than any other shot I made.
Horry is referring to the big shot he made versus the Spurs while he was in Houston. On May 22, 1995, Horry hit a jumper in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals with 6.5 seconds left to defeat the Spurs (see video below at 4:50 point).


While that wasn't one of the highest spots of being a Spurs fan, Horry's reasoning does make a logical reasoning for that shot to be his favorite.
The Spurs won the regular season series versus Houston and he was looking to make a statement. Horry did seem to make it up to Spurs fans with helping the team win two of their four NBA championships.
What do you think Spurs fans? Are you upset at Horry's pick for his favorite big shot or do his contributions to championships for the San Antonio Spurs outweigh his pick?