Horry on the lockout, playing again, and benches Spurs teammates


As the 2011 NBA lockout rages on, former San Antonio Spurs player Robert Horry says this lockout will not bother the players and has no worry about their well being in what could be an extended time off:

Now it is actually easier for them (the players), because they do clinical stuff by themselves. I think they will be fine. The guys are professional now. There are so many things out there. They have got nutritional advice, they know what to eat, and they have a lot of facilities to work out in,” he said.

“One thing is to make sure you don’t get hurt. Just play and stay in shape. Do things that keep you in shape. It could be a long lockout, so I hope they can stay healthy.”

Horry went through the 1998-1999 NBA lockout and would know a thing or two about surviving being without a job.

As an aside, Horry said he would like to play again with former teammates Hakeem Olajuwon, Clyde Drexler, Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant and interesting enough, no Spurs players. As a matter of fact, he jokingly said he has a specific role for his former Spurs teammates:

“They can be the bench players.”

Horry went on to say he hasn’t ruled out returning to the hardwood and specifically, playing in China:

“I have always wanted to play overseas, but I don’t think anybody will take me right now, you know I’m 40 years old,” he said. “I love to play because (it’s a test) to play against the young kids and see if you can do it again. If you give me a contract, I can play.”

What say you Spurs fans? If Horry wants to return to the court, would you like to see him lace up his sneakers one more time for San Antonio?