Horry holds praise for Olajuwon, Bryant & comments on Shaq-Kobe feud


While he was in Russia going to a student league All-Star game, former Spur Robert Horry did an photo: sports illustratedinterview with a Russian website that provided some interesting points for debate.

He was asked who the best player he ever played with was. Check out his response.

“I would say Hakeem Olajuwon and Kobe Bryant. The things The Dream could do on the floor were phenomenal for a big man. And the dedication that I saw in Kobe, I didn’t see in anywhere else. And I think that he’s not given enough credit for this: he has spent a lot of time and energy to become what he is now. I don’t want to offend anybody, but those two stay above everybody else.”

Horry played with the San Antonio Spurs from 2003 to 2008, so he never played on the same team as David Robinson, but he did play alongside a guy named Tim Duncan. I’m not saying that Duncan needs to be ranked higher than Olajuwon, but I think Horry needs to at least acknowledge Duncan on his list. I’m sure Horry didn’t intend to offend anyone with this comment, but I think it’s an insult to his tenure with the Spurs.

He dropped another interesting tidbit in his interview. He suggested that it may have been Lakers coach Phil Jackson that started the whole feud between Shaq and Kobe.

“I think Phil Jackson started that feud. It happened many times that after team practice he would say, “Kobe said this about Shaq, and Shaq said that about Kobe… We couldn’t believe how could that happen, because just the day before we saw them together, jumping on one another. Phil liked it when there was conflict of some sort.”

Well there’s an interesting conspiracy theory from Horry. Whether there’s any truth to it or not, we may never know, but it’s definitely another way of looking at things. One thing’s for sure, Horry sure knows how to stir the pot.