Hornets Jettison Chandler


[Update: February 19] Scratch that, Chandler failed a physical and the Thunder rescinded the trade.

In the Division Preview I called the Hornets, “The scariest team in the southwest.” Fast forwarding to the All Star Break, it hasn’t shown up yet. Some of that has to do with Chandler, West, and Paul fighting through injuries, but like the Spurs, they are a team that picks up steam as they go.

Despite the phenomenal run they made through last year’s playoffs, the Hornets have determined Chandler can be jettisoned. Shipping him to Oklahoma City, they will get back Chris Wilcox, Joe Smith, and the rights to DeVon Hardin.

We all remember the combination of Chandler and West was a bit of a nightmare last year, but will the combination of Wilcox and Smith continue that, be an even greater challenge, or allow us to dismiss them? Chandler surprised everyone with his play last year, might CP3 elevate the play of Wilcox in similar fashion, while also having Smith to bring off the bench?

How will this affect San Antonio down the stretch?  Should we be worried?

Hit up the comment section with all of your thoughts.

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