Video of Parker in dispute


No not that kind of video!

Seems a family friend of San Antonio Spurs’ guard Tony Parker took video of him as a kid shooting hoops but the same video was turned over to French TV without her consent by her father which is now in dispute.

Now she is suing Parker for 800, 000 euros ($1, 000, 000.00) and the court will render a decision today.

The following is from the AP:

Christiane Debieuvre, a family friend, shot the scenes in 1994 at her home in France’s northern Normandy region and claims her father handed over the footage to a television station without her consent.

The candid footage of the young Parker showing off his hoop dreams in northern France has since turned up in reports on several French television news and sports channels.

“I have given this family a lot,” Debieuvre told a Paris court.

“At first, I was surprised that they were using this footage without asking me,” she testified.

Debieuvre said she wrote to Parker but that he never responded to her complaint.

Parker’s lawyer Alexis Gramblat said the plaintiff was simply trying to cash in on the wealthy San Antonio Spurs guard.

“This is simply a racket targeting someone who is from a modest milieu and who became successful,” said Gramblat.

The video shows young Tony pretending even at age 12 to play for the Spurs.

Some family friend! Though I would love to see the footage of a 12 year old Parker pretending to play for the Spurs.