Holt: We want to play basketball


Peter HoltSan Antonio Spurs owner Peter Holt was very vocal in labor discussions as labor relations committee chairman and when it came to salvaging the season with a last ditch 16-hour negotiation session, Holt said it came down to wanting to play basketball.

“We want to play basketball. Let’s go play basketball,” Holt told CBS’ Ken Berger.

Of course when the players tried to use any leverage they had from their antitrust lawsuits to bring the BRI to a 51 to 49 split, Holt and NBA commissioner David Stern were just as far away from playing basketball as they were before, rejecting the offer until they received the 50-50 split they had been seeking.

Holt also said the new CBA will give all teams opportunities, according to the Locked On Sports radio show.

“This is going to give us an opportunity, whether you are in a small market or large market you will have hope.”

And with Tim Duncan playing in his final contract season, should TD call it an NBA career, Spurs fans hope the team will be competitive in a post-Duncan era with some help from the new CBA.