Hill’s Lapse In Judgement Resurfaces


Just when Spurs fans think it can’t get any worse this season, now this. A year ago, in February 2009, we here at Project Spurs posted a story about photos surfacing of a nude George Hill. Well seems after a year, the issue has resurfaced.

“The San Antonio Spurs are SOL in their attempt to have nude pics of one of their players removed from a website — for now — because the site’s lawyer just said the pics of their player’s basketballs are there to stay.”

For obvious reasons, the Spurs want the photos taken down since it shines a negative light on their otherwise “choir-boy” image.  Seems the Spurs organization will continue to fight the website in removing the photos.  

However, it’s in Hill’s and the Spurs best interest to take a page out of Greg Oden’s book when his nude photos surfaced. Come clean and defuse the issue now. Don’t drag this out fighting it in court. Coming clean, admitting it was a lapse in judgment and apologizing to the fans and to the Spurs organization will simply display Hill’s character and willingness to take ownership in his mistake. It is simply that, a mistake. Now lets move on.


George Hill has issued an apology over the nude photos.

In a statement issued by the team on Tuesday, Hill said: “A year ago I made a mistake and take full responsibility for my actions. I have matured and learned from this episode.”

This is exactly what Hill should have done a year ago in February 2009 when it first went public. Regardless, this was the right decision for Hill and the Spurs organization. Now let’s move on.

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