Grant Hill wants to play for a winner


The lockout has a strangle hold on the NBA but right now, but when it ends there is going to be a flurry of activity, similar to the NFL once their lockout ended. The big names include Nene a David West.

It’s not the most exciting group, but there are some quality role players available. One of those is Suns forward Grant Hill. During a chat on, NBA writer Alex Kennedy wrote Hill is looking very seriously at the Miami Heat because of his desire to play for a winner.

“I’ve been told a few times this summer that Grant Hill wants to join a contender, and that there’s mutual interest in Miami.”

That’s interesting to read, mostly because between Dwayne Wade, Mike Miller, James Jones and some guy named LeBron James currently occupy the starting and back up shooting guard/small forward spots. That said, I think Hill would be a great fit on any team looking to contend. The Heat have larger problems, mostly the need for a center who isn’t over the age of 35.

But here’s another question, how would Hill look in a San Antonio Spurs jersey for a season or two?

In a word, great. But a couple of things would have to happen for Spurs fans to be OK with Hill’s signing. First, Richard Jefferson has to go and as we’ve covered several times before, this isn’t an easy task. You also have to make sure he’s OK with being the guy who camps out in the corner and shoots 3’s or pump fakes and takes a mid range jumper (something he actually did quite a bit the last couple years in Phoenix). He was one of three Suns players who seemed to give a damn about defense last year, so that’s encouraging. Still, he’s close to 40, though his body is seemingly ageless now that he’s gotten past all of his foot and leg injuries.  

Put it this way, if the Spurs signed Hill to be the starter until Kawhi Leonard is ready, I wouldn’t be mad. However, there are much more pressing needs, particularly front court depth and a back up point guard. They also have to figure out the Richard Jefferson problem, which possibly the new CBA could take care of if teams are allowed to shed a contract.

What say you Spurs fans? Assuming they have a big man in place, are you cool with the Spurs making a run at Grant Hill?