Hill extending range, working on floater


San Antonio Spurs’ guard George Hill knocked down quite a few corner threes last season, but he says Spurs coach Gregg Popovich wants him to extend his range even more.

George Hill“Pop wants me to start stepping out a little further,” Hill said today at Spurs media day. “I told him I’d take maybe 10 shots more per year.”

Don’t be surprised if you see a little bit of “Tony Parker” in Hill this season, as he’s been working on adding a floater to his arsenal this summer.

Hill, who has been working out at the practice facility with Gary Neal, James Gist and DeJuan Blair this summer, also talked about a lot of the rumors surrounding Tony Parker, many of which say Parker is expendable because of Hill’s emergence.

But Hill will be the last to say that.

“I’m not at that level yet,” Hill said. “I do all I can to get there some day but right now there’s a lot of things to learn. As long as he’s here, I’m going to soak up a lot of knowledge from him.”

Whereas on other teams, two players of the caliber of Parker and Hill playing the same position might create a controversy, Hill said that is definitely not the case in San Antonio.

“Tony and I are both professionals, so you won’t see that from either of us.”

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