Hibbert trains with Duncan, thanks Spurs


If you are an up-and-coming big man in the league, what better player to learn from than one who is Hall of Fame bound, and has an NBA resume to back it up.

Pacers big man Roy Hibbert spent some of his offseason training with one of the best ever… San Antonio Spurs' Tim Duncan, and had no problem sharing his enthusiasm for the chance at working out with No. 21.


And the appreciation for the Spurs from Hibbert didn't end with that Twitter message.


As much as Hibbert appreciates the time Duncan takes to train with him, this is just another shining example at the type of person TD is. What player would help other competition get better, and perhaps give away trade secret? 

That's the type of person Duncan is. Selfless, and willing to help other players improve.

As for Hibbert, he will definitely be carrying on the Duncan style once No. 21 has hung up his sneakers. I just hope Hibbert doesn't use those moves he learned against San Antonio when the Pacers and Spurs meet in the regular season or beyond.