Hibbert learned much training with Duncan


During the NBA lockout, Indiana Pacers’ Roy Hibbert took in some time to head to San Antonio and workout and learn from San Antonio Spurs’ Tim Duncan. It was sure a great learning experience for Hibbert and more importantly, good news for the Pacers’ coaching staff.

Last week, Hibbert made his way back to the Pacers’ gym and spoke on his lockout training with Duncan.

“Seriously, he taught me a lot of things just in terms of things I’m not comfortable with. Like turning and facing and shooting off the glass and just working on things that are out of my comfort zone.

I mean he’s one of the most fundamentally sound big men. I’ve looked up to him since I was in high school. He was athletic but he’s not one of those super-athletic big guys who jumps over you. He actually puts a lot of care into the moves and his footwork. I respect that.”

Talk about coming into training camp with pointers from Duncan. I’m sure head coach Frank Vogel will be waiting in anticipation to see what Hibbert learned.

Hibbert should benefit greatly from TD’s teachings and any young NBA big man could also stand to learn from “The Big Fundamental.” Aside from the bank-shot and footwork, Duncan also has shown how important it is to be a team player and sacrifice for the benefit of the team. As much as any big man would like to learn TD’s on-the-court moves, learning how to be a team-first player might be the biggest teaching he can give.

And as this might be the final season Duncan plays, he is sure leaving a lasting legacy which will live on with Hibbert and any other player who seeks TD’s teachings.