Here we go again


San Antonio Spurs fans have heard it all about the team being old and boring. Not only that, being a fundamentally sound team is considered a bad thing in the eyes of the sports world despite winning four titles in the past decade.

Well some people still don’t get it.

Check out this quote from comparing IBM to the Spurs:

If IBM (NYSE: IBM) were a basketball team, it’d be the San Antonio Spurs. No disrespect to Spurs fans, but like Big Blue, they’re old and boring but are well-managed and execute perfectly. While the basketball purist might get some excitement from a fundamentally sound pick and roll leading to an off-the-glass jump shot, the fans want highlight-reel dunks.

First the Spurs are no longer old. They recently had an influx of youth with Tiago Splitter, DeJuan Blair, James Anderson, George Hill, and Garrett Temple.

Second they are not boring. I suppose the writer never actually sat down to watch a Spurs game or might have forgotten Manu Ginobili is quite the exciting player.


Third. If the fans want highlight-reel dunks from their team then why not ask a team like the Phoenix Suns how much of that pays off in the playoffs? Sure it’s great but rarely does it equate to championships.

Fourth. Sure the quote compliments the Spurs but there still exists the innuendo of negativity surrounding the Spurs’ style of basketball.

Perhaps I should just get off the proverbial soap box about this back-handed compliment and realize this might be “old-news” and something no amount of griping will change a person’s opinion on the Spurs. 

The team does have four titles and that speaks for itself but I’m sure other Spurs fans still do not like to hear the franchise being mislabeled as such.

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