Hennigan, Vaughn bringing some San Antonio to Orlando


There are certain franchises that set the mold for how an NBA organization should be run. The San Antonio Spurs are at the top of the list. For years, the Spurs have made the most of their draft picks, gotten the best out of their talent, both on the court and in the front office and they’ve seen enormous success.

These are the goals new Orlando Magic head coach Jacque Vaughn and general manager Rob Hennigan will be striving for as they try to build the Magic franchise back up after the loss of Dwight Howard. Both Hennigan and Vaughn are products of the Spurs’ system, and they’re going to try to model their actions after what they learned in San Antonio.

"For me, the Spurs organization was the ultimate merging of coaching staff and management," Vaughn said. "There was a mutual respect that I think needs to be there for success in an organization. There was communication, and those things have to be present, in my opinion, for success."

To be honest, every organization should probably try to model themselves after the Spurs, but following the idea in theory and executing it are two different things.

The Orlando organization has now become infamous for the way they handled Howard’s whiny requests to be traded. With Hennigan, they should be able to move past this series of events. He’s shown a great basketball mind during his career with the Spurs and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Vaughn is a bit of a wild card because he’s a relatively young guy getting his first shot as an NBA head coach. Obviously, that could go any number of ways, but learning under the wing of Gregg Popovich had to provide some valuable insight into what leading an NBA team should look like.

It’s too early to predict how the Magic are going to look this season. They’re probably going to have a few issues to work out, but they’ve got some very smart people leading the way, and that could mean good things down the road.