Hanga sees NBA as an opportunity


The San Antonio Spurs selected Adam Hanga with the 59th pick in the 2011 NBA draft and have been eager to see how he can develop overseas.

Fans have been excited to see him in a silver and black uniform, especially with his highlight videos online. They may have to wait a little longer, however, as Spanish site ZoomNews.es reports the team may think Hanga is a few more years away from becoming a contributor, although it may be a possibility they'll look at him with the team having an opening behind Kawhi Leonard.

Hanga has a different view than some striving to go to the NBA also.

He is not obsessed with the NBA. "I see it more as an opportunity than as a target," he says, referring to the Spurs who hold his rights to play in the league with (LeBron) James and company.

Although Hanga isn't seeing the NBA as a target, this may benefit his career.

He sounds like he wants to keep improving overseas and waiting for the Spurs to call him instead of putting all his energy to specifically making it in the NBA. The Spurs have also been a team that doesn't bring their players from overseas quickly after they're drafted, so maybe Adam isn't getting his hopes up right now, especially when the team is contending for a championship.

"Last year San Antonio came to Manresa to see me about 4 or 5 times and this year we have been talking a lot more by e-mail and by phone, and they have been interested much every week for me and with the team's situation."

He wants to focus on being MVP of the league he's a part of right now and that'll add to the accolades once he does make the cross over to the big leagues. San Antonio has a player on the team right now who won a Spanish League MVP but still needed a few years to get comfortable in the NBA. Maybe the Spurs want Hanga to get more comfortable overseas and leave his mark there before he makes a silver and black debut.

"The NBA is a very important part of entertainment and business. My style and play-ability itself that allows me to think that I can get to play there, but still I have to work hard." 

"[B]ut first I have to get to an NBA level to play there because everyone there is very athletic and all players can easily beat you."

Do you think Hanga may be ready for the big leagues, Spurs fans or should be stay a few more years overseas to polish his skills while the Spurs make their last push for a title with veterans?