Hanga discusses visit to San Antonio


A few days ago, I put up a photo gallery that showed pictures San Antonio Spurs 2011 draftee AdamAH Hanga had been posting on his Facebook account. In those photos, it shows him exploring the city, working out in the Spurs’ practice facility, and watching an international game.

Well, the Hungarian site Sport.hir24.hu recently caught up with Hanga and he spoke about his workouts and time with the Spurs.

Hanga first said he worked out alone, but he also said many Spurs officials were watching him.

“When I arrived, the first days I received more technical training,” said Hanga Adam. “For the most part I was alone when I worked, and at least four to five coaches were watching every move of mine.

“Spurs management, from day one, were there to help and support me in everything.”

After, Hanga explains that he met Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich and said the Spurs have instructed him to follow a training program for the 2012-2013 season when he returns to play in Europe.

Hanga isn’t expected to play this season in San Antonio, but he’ll definitely be a strong possibility next season so long as he follows the orders the Spurs have given him, and he continues to work on his game in the areas the Spurs have targeted.

(Photo: Adam Hanga Online)