Grizzlies to adjust to Spurs' adjustments


The playoffs are all about adjustments and the San Antonio Spurs are sure to make some after losing to the Memphis Grizzlies in game one of their opening round series.

But Memphis is also ready to make adjustments and spoke on what they need to do to combat whatever the Spurs throw at them tomorrow:

“We have to be able to adjust to (the Spurs’) adjustments quicker,” Griz point guard Mike Conley said. “Once we see what they’re doing to us, we have to react quicker. The longer it takes for our team to realize what they’re doing and adjust, then (the Spurs) could be up 10 or 15 points. We know it’s going to be a different game. But I see a sense of poise that I haven’t seen all year long. Guys are calm.”

“We just have to keep doing what we’re doing,” Gasol said. “We didn’t play a perfect game so we can improve in many areas. We can try to handle Tony (Parker) better. Manu is going to be tough. I can do a better job in the post with Tim (Duncan). We just have to keep getting better as the series goes.”

Indeed Memphis will be looking for a damaging blow to the Spurs’ run for a fifth NBA title tomorrow night in San Antonio but Spurs fans know if any team is capable at making timely adjustment, is the Spurs especially with head coach Gregg Popovich.