Grizzlies on the difference Ginobili makes


With no word yet on whether San Antonio Spurs’ Manu Ginobili will return to the starting lineup AP/Daylife.comtonight for game two of the Spurs’ series with the Memphis Grizzlies, a few Grizzlies players spoke on how much of a difference Ginobili makes for the Spurs:

Memphis coach Lionel Hollins:

“Having him in the lineup allows (point guard) Tony Parker to go to the wing and Manu handles the ball in pick-and-rolls,” Hollins said. “He can attack the basket and score, or throw back out to Tony, who can take it to the rim like a jet. Manu has become a better three-pointer shooter and he makes better decisions than he did when he first came in the league.”

Zach Randolph:

“Ginobili is smart and crafty and left-handed like me,” said Griz forward Zach Randolph, someone who also bases his game on intelligence and guile. “When Ginobili is on the floor, the Spurs are a better team. He gets it done for them, and sometimes you wonder how he makes some of the shots he does.”

Mike Conley:

“Manu does just about everything well,” Conley said, “but he’s deadly when he gets in the paint. He has some of the best body control in the league. He can go full speed, stop on a dime, take a one-two step, go off his wrong leg and score using either hand in any direction.”

With the Spurs down 0-1, it is imperative Ginobili returns to the court. Coming back for an 0-2 deficit is the last thing San Antonio wants and to avoid that, San Antonio will need their All-Star guard back on the court.