Grizzlies' Conley ready for Spurs' punches


The Memphis Grizzlies stole homecourt advantage away from the San Antonio Spurs in Game One of their series.

Now Memphis’ Mike Conley says the Grizzlies have to be ready for what the Spurs have in store for them tomorrow night:

“First off we have to be professional about it. We have to stay humble. We have to realize you know we’re not here to win one game. We want to win the series, but we gotta go back in with even more focus because we understand they didn’t have [Manu] Ginobili and if he comes back they’re going to be hungry. They’re going to want to show what happened last game was a fluke or whatever they feel, so we gotta come out ready to go and be ready for the all punches they’re going to throw and be ready for another physical night.”

Conley also says the physicality of Memphis is the difference maker for the Grizzlies this season and is what gives them an edge on the defensive end in their series with San Antonio:

“This team is very, very, physical. We have a lot of guys like Tony [Allen] and Shane [Battier], you know Leon Powe, guys who are really defensive minded, that have brought a different kind of attitude to this team. I think everyone has fed off that early in the season and right now you don’t even need to tell anybody or need to get anybody hyped for the game. I think everybody individually has done a good job preparing themselves for the game. Last night we had a great team effort defensively against Tony Parker and different guys on that team. We just wanted to physical and be aggressive first and throw the first punch. It is hard to win in San Antonio. They had a great record here all year.”

I’m sure the Spurs will be ready to throw many punches at Memphis tomorrow night as they look to tie the series before heading on the road.