Greivis Vasquez compares himself to Ginobili, says it was a dream to defeat Spurs


Memphis Grizzlies’ Greivis Vasquez and San Antonio Spurs’ Manu Ginobili are currently representing their respective home country at the FIBA Americas tournament and already faced each other in the opening round.

And although Argentina defeated Venezuela, Vasquez continues to talk about his admiration for San Antonio Spurs’ Ginobili but maybe he went a bit too far when he compared himself to Manu at the age of 24.

I think I’m like him when he was my age.

Easy there Greivis. If he is talking about Manu’s humility then sure but not on the court. Manu has done so much by the time he was 24 in his basketball career that Vasquez would love to proclaim as well. But seeing how Vasquez is showering praise for a fellow Spur, I suppose we can give him a pass.

Vasquez went on to explain why he considers Manu the best ever.

Ginobili is arguably the best player in the tournament and was one of the examples to follow closely.
For [his] humility greets you, know your name. Knowing that I am a newbie comes and asks me, “[Greivis] hello, how are you?” Not all players are like that, coming out of his way to greet another. Perhaps they made with the same status, but not with a rookie. 

So Ginobili is the best of all time in Argentina and I think not only for his work ethic and humility. It has an unblemished image.

And it’s not just what Manu represents on the court, for Vasquez it’s because a fellow Latino player has done so much and Vasquez takes pride in that example Manu has set.

You always want to match the best or follow a model and he is. Not just for Argentines, but in the world. When presented Ginobili in the games San Antonio is the most celebrated player. To me it means pride, because he is Latino.

He opened the doors of the NBA many Latinos.

As fantastic are those words from Vasquez are great for Spurs fans to hear, I am sure this will not sit well. When asked about upsetting the top-seeded Spurs in the 2011 NBA playoffs, Vasquez had this to say.

The best in the world. A dream come true.

Thanks Vasquez. Appreciate you opening up old wounds for Spurs fans throughout the world. And about that pass I was going to give Greivis, consider it revoked.